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Board/Lego Game Recommendation

My kids (6&8) and I have been playing Lego Heroica lately, and I would recommend it as an entry level to RPGs. Currently there are 4 games in the series, but they all work together to make a bigger game if you want. You assemble your own board (customizable) and add in the monsters and treasures. Then you pick your hero (wizard, druid, thief, barbarian, etc.), each game comes with different heroes and monsters depending on the theme. You roll a lego die to move around and to see if you win against the monster, get through a magic door, or find something good in a treasure box. Different heroes have different special skills which are activated by rolling the die. My kids played and started adapting the rules right away to make it more their own. I am not a big RPG player so this is perfect for us, at this level, but the kids really liked the fantasy and monsters part of this and I think other geeky parents would like to share this with their kids too.
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