kimberly (choice_of_tyche) wrote in geekparents,

bite bite bite

Has anybody successfully convinced a child to stop biting their fingernails?

My son, who's 3.5yo, was always interested in biting them instead of clipping them, but recently, he's taken them down to the wick. While his fingers aren't bloody, it looks darn well close enough.

I bite my nails, not down to the nubbins, but there's still some white and I prefer shorter nails due to all the typing i do in the day. I'll admit that it's one of my least favorite things about myself and I wish I didn't do it. I cringe looking at other people's chewed-up fingers and feel bad for them too, nothing says repressed anxiety like nail-biting. 

Admittedly, we did just move across the county 2.5 months ago and potty training is pretty much done. I thought he was taking it well. Maybe not. As a SAHM I do try to keep him busy but I can't do anything but remind him for the Nth time to stop doing it when he's in his car seat while I'm driving. 
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