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Introduction of sorts...

Hello all. :-)

I've just become a mom as well, to a wonderful little girl, Alexandra. One and a half month now. And yes. We are, indeed, a geeky family. :-)

Me and peting73 are both computer-nerds, playing lots of games (he SWTOR + WoW and me only WoW). Plus that I am also involved in various fandoms online and we collect various movies and TV-shows on DVD, action dolls, fantasy books, scifi books, and we are both active in the vampire-LARP in town and play classical pen-paper-roleplayinggames... I could go on. :-)

We had to struggle quite hard for our girl, since I suffer from Endometriosis, but after three IVF-treatments, she finally decided to arrive, our little miracle Alexandra.

Since I am not only a fandom girl, LARPer and gamer, and her dad is a gamer and LARPer... I am also bisexual (Peting is straight)... So to say we'll make sure she is brought up an openminded girl, accepting and respectful off everyone would be an understatement. That is our biggest goal, both of us. Everyone is different. And everyone is beautiful in their own way. :-)

Just wanted to say HEY! And also see if there are any more geeky parents and families like us out there. :-)

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