A Deserving Porcupine (rockinlibrarian) wrote in geekparents,
A Deserving Porcupine

Popular Videogames among elementary school kids

Hi Geekparents, I hope a few of you are still out there reading this!

I need an opinion poll of you and other people who would be able to answer this, as I'm prepping a public library program for, say, preschool through 3 or 4th graders (tend to skew younger, but not toddler) (I know there will be 3 1st graders there), about videogames-- but aside from Angry Birds (which my 1st grader is obsessed with), I'm not sure which video games out there are actually popular in this age group right now. What are they talking about at school nowadays? What are they playing at home?

If anybody can help me out, thanks!
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