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Download my son's first android game please! [04 Apr 2014|07:51pm]

Hey all,

Our 8th grader just published his first game on the google play store. Would you all download it so he he gets some positive reinforcement for his hard work? Even if you just download and then uninstall it shortly thereafter, that's helpful right now because the higher his "X+ downloads" number on the play store (or his "g+1" number), the more likelihood of it being found and downloaded by someone who might actually *want* to play it. So he needs to get enough downloads that he can start attracting downloads! :)

Flightless Dragon

Especially because the play store groups downloads. So any number of downloads between 11-50 shows as "10+" ... even if it is 49!

It's pretty much a straight up "flappy bird" mock, so it's that genre of game. Personally, I find those kinds of games immensely frustrating and therefore not very fun, but this one has a bonus feature that others in the genre don't and that is the ability to get rid of the walls with fireballs. Upgrades to come include walls of fire, invulnerability shields of fire, and I don't know what all.

So you can play it too, if you want. It's really actually grown on me because the child has it intentionally set at sort of a serene speed so that it's easier for the casual gamer.

And when he was making a features list while developing the game, he was all over the leaderboard being vital. And I was all "whatever" about a leaderboard. But now I check that stupid leaderboard and find it so irritating that my brother-in-law knocked me out of 3rd place that I have actually played the game more than I otherwise would have, just to try and knock him out of that spot.

Oh child, way to accurately predict the petty competitiveness of the casual gaming mind! Or at least mine!

And if you want to play and click the ads, feel free! Clicking the ads is the only way the child makes any money on the game, unless people make in-game purchases (WHICH ARE A BARGAIN, i might add, because you get to keep the fireballs you buy FOREVER). But, the child didn't want to ruin people's game play by having ads clutter up the game, so they only pop up on the top of the screen when you die. When you click on them, they open a new window to whatever website the ad is for. It doesn't matter if you just then immediately close that window, the child still gets paid for you having clicked.

But mostly I'm only asking that you downloaded it. Free game and only a small bit of bandwidth. But it would mean so much to him.

Goes without saying that I am super proud of him. He worked very hard at his dad's side learning what it took to do all this (husband is a long time programmer) and he was in charge of all stages of the design on his own, on top of keeping up with his homework, etc. I'd just like to see him hit 100 downloads, you know? For his pride's sake.

Not yet available for iOS because apple makes it more expensive to develop for them. He needs to earn the per year developer fee first! :)

Thanks in advance!

x-posted a few other communities so apologies if you are seeing this more than once.
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Popular Videogames among elementary school kids [25 Aug 2013|03:13pm]

Hi Geekparents, I hope a few of you are still out there reading this!

I need an opinion poll of you and other people who would be able to answer this, as I'm prepping a public library program for, say, preschool through 3 or 4th graders (tend to skew younger, but not toddler) (I know there will be 3 1st graders there), about videogames-- but aside from Angry Birds (which my 1st grader is obsessed with), I'm not sure which video games out there are actually popular in this age group right now. What are they talking about at school nowadays? What are they playing at home?

If anybody can help me out, thanks!
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Little gamer [17 Dec 2012|02:19am]

Early this year, when Margaret was still three, on one of those nights when Margaret was up later than my wife Elizabeth, I taught her the game of Fox and Hounds. At the time, I had to point out the legal options on every move, and often had to move for her. I also had to go out of my way to make blunders to give her a chance to win.

Yesterday, after not playing with her for a while, I played five games with her. I started out playing sloppily, and she won easily. Then I started paying attention - and she still won! Finally, when I really concentrated, I won a game, and then I eased off for the last game to keep it a good experience for her. Elizabeth reports that Margaret has also been willing to switch sides and take the hounds - she usually prefers the fox - when playing with her two year old brother Duncan.

It looks like we have another gamer in the family. Next step: get hamaguri go stones and introduce her to a game where computers are not yet as good as humans.
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Halloween 2012 [04 Nov 2012|09:02pm]

Since I haven't seen anyone post about Halloween yet, I thought I would.

Click for the picCollapse )

My kids.  My daughter Virginia (9) was Lady Sif from the Thor movie.  I made her a winged helm and a scabbard for the sword we added.  My son Sam (6) as a Clone Trooper.  He didn't use the helmet because it messed with his glasses.  And my daughter Natalie (6) was Zita the Spacegirl (www.zitathespacegirl.com).  I made this costume myself.  She made one request:  to change the Z on the shirt into an N.

So, what did other kids dress up as?
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[25 Oct 2012|01:28am]

Last two geeky shirts for my son - another Doctor Who and a Firefly (not complete as I need more fabric paint, but if you look close you can see that the stencil has been applied.)

photoCollapse )
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[24 Oct 2012|02:20am]

The weather is (finally!) getting cooler here in California so I figured it was time to get my son some new clothes. $5 long-sleeve t-shirts from Target plus a little freezer paper and fabric paint makes for some awesome designs. :)

click!Collapse )

I'm also planning an Eleventh doctor shirt and a Firefly one that has the "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" quote on it. :D

(Crossposted to geekcrafts and geekparents)
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WoW Addict in the making... [23 Sep 2012|05:41pm]

My son got a real treat this weekend... his father got him his "own" WoW account. No more borrowing my account to play the one toon I permitted in my slots. He can now indulge his burgeoning character ADD and create alts to his heart's content.

Of course, he's only 5, so we've put restrictions on it. No more than 1 hour of technology a day (that includes TV viewing, his other computer games, and WoW), he's only allowed to make Tauren and Blood Elves on our Horde server (which we decided on today after he'd made an undead warlock and my husband and I looked at each other as he played through some of the starting area and went "um... no... not comfortable with that level of dark and evil for our 5 year old... and the cannibalism to regain health, which he was then acting out in imaginary play afterwards... no... don't want to explain that to his Kindergarten teacher"). Trade is, of course, blocked, and mature language filter is on... and he doesn't play if I'm not in the room.

Also... as with all his computer games that are, really, FAR higher a level than he's supposed to be playing... he has to figure it out on his own. Mummy and Daddy will occasionally give him pointers, but he needs to work out how it goes on his own. This includes reading and doing quests... and the language level in WoW is really quite sophisticated, with a wide vocabulary being used, and with turns of phrase and idioms used that are really very challenging. Technically, the reading is at the frustration level for him... but his level of engagement is so high that he will soldier through with only minimal prompts from me, and without giving up and/or asking for my help constantly. It's pretty awesome. He reads REALLY well for a Kindergartener to begin with... and this is certainly not slowing the process down!

My husband is going to make a Panderan to level exclusively with the boy. Good father-son bonding time. :-)

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Introduction of sorts... [12 Sep 2012|10:45pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hello all. :-)

I've just become a mom as well, to a wonderful little girl, Alexandra. One and a half month now. And yes. We are, indeed, a geeky family. :-)

Me and peting73 are both computer-nerds, playing lots of games (he SWTOR + WoW and me only WoW). Plus that I am also involved in various fandoms online and we collect various movies and TV-shows on DVD, action dolls, fantasy books, scifi books, and we are both active in the vampire-LARP in town and play classical pen-paper-roleplayinggames... I could go on. :-)

We had to struggle quite hard for our girl, since I suffer from Endometriosis, but after three IVF-treatments, she finally decided to arrive, our little miracle Alexandra.

Since I am not only a fandom girl, LARPer and gamer, and her dad is a gamer and LARPer... I am also bisexual (Peting is straight)... So to say we'll make sure she is brought up an openminded girl, accepting and respectful off everyone would be an understatement. That is our biggest goal, both of us. Everyone is different. And everyone is beautiful in their own way. :-)

Just wanted to say HEY! And also see if there are any more geeky parents and families like us out there. :-)

(Crossposted to geekmoms.)

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[02 Sep 2012|11:41am]

Does anyone own this toy TARDIS? My son really wants a TARDIS for his third birthday and although he's pretty careful with his toys, I don't want something that's going to break quickly. Anyone have experience with this one, or can recommend another? There are a couple good reviews regarding young children, so I'm hopeful.
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Being a gamer dad [10 Jun 2012|09:21am]

So I made a video for a Geek and Sundry Father's Day event... and I thought you guys might like it.

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The train / lego table [09 Jun 2012|11:56am]

Originally posted by chesneyj at The train / lego table

I hope this is ok.  I am cross posting this from my journal and to geekmoms.  It felt sufficiently geeky since a Lego/Train table will now be the focal point of my living room.

I came up with an idea last week to convert my son's train table into a Lego table.  He doesn't use the trains at all so I convinced him that the parts can go into bins (which will eventually leave the house).  I then removed the table from his bedroom and replaced our coffee table with it.  The coffee table will go into the attic when my husband comes home next week.  This is one of the times I REALLY miss having a basement.

Many pictures ahead.Collapse )

Well, that was my Lego table odyssey.  It was fun but I wish I had come up with the idea before school was out.  Far too many helpers around.  If you have a question, let me know in the comments.
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Life imitate Star Trek [25 May 2012|08:21am]

Since my dd just got her booster shots (and complained the whole way home about the needles), I could not let this piece go by without sharing it:


"MIT researchers have engineered a device that delivers a tiny, high-pressure jet of medicine through the skin without the use of a hypodermic needle..."

Check out the images. It's not quite Dr. McCoy's hypo, but it's not too far off.
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May the fourth be with you! [04 May 2012|11:19pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

May the Fourth be with you.  Always.

And yes, they were made to wear them to school today.  The girls were afraid they would be teased.  I told them to lay the blame at my feet.  I can take it.

ps:  Where I am, there is a little bit of May 4th left so I wanted to share.

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Sweet, Sweet Sondheim [19 Apr 2012|06:06am]

[ mood | i aM gAER'S PaRENTaL PRiDE ]

The thing about musicals by Stephen Sondheim is that, much like opera, it pays to know the music and libretto beforehand.  Well, I can say for certain that by the time my daughter attends a Sondheim musical, she will have no problem following the plot.  My mother has been "educating" (read: converting) my little girl to his music by playing CDs in the cars.  She even has her favourites!  So far "Hello Little Girl" and "Agony" from Into the Woods rank highest among them, but she's also coming around to Sweeny Todd.

I'm so proud.

And as a brony—yes, I said it; deal—I just can't wait to show her how "Art of the Dress" is musically derived from "Color and Light" from Sunday in the Park.

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bite bite bite [16 Apr 2012|05:31pm]

Has anybody successfully convinced a child to stop biting their fingernails?

My son, who's 3.5yo, was always interested in biting them instead of clipping them, but recently, he's taken them down to the wick. While his fingers aren't bloody, it looks darn well close enough.

I bite my nails, not down to the nubbins, but there's still some white and I prefer shorter nails due to all the typing i do in the day. I'll admit that it's one of my least favorite things about myself and I wish I didn't do it. I cringe looking at other people's chewed-up fingers and feel bad for them too, nothing says repressed anxiety like nail-biting. 

Admittedly, we did just move across the county 2.5 months ago and potty training is pretty much done. I thought he was taking it well. Maybe not. As a SAHM I do try to keep him busy but I can't do anything but remind him for the Nth time to stop doing it when he's in his car seat while I'm driving. 
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[16 Mar 2012|07:48am]


Is anyone else just so disappointed in the new season of Doctor Who? My son loves Doctor Who, but since the new season came out on Netflix, I find myself not wanting him to watch it. They spent the first five seasons establishing him as anti-weapon, especially anti-gun, then suddenly he's fighting side by side with River Song who is "heroically" shooting everything in sight. Throwing his friends around in body bags? Subconsciously programming humans to murder an entire species? What the hell? This is definitely not the family-friendly show it used to be. I'm just kind of disgusted.

Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.

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Board/Lego Game Recommendation [19 Jan 2012|10:05am]

[ mood | calm ]

My kids (6&8) and I have been playing Lego Heroica lately, and I would recommend it as an entry level to RPGs. Currently there are 4 games in the series, but they all work together to make a bigger game if you want. You assemble your own board (customizable) and add in the monsters and treasures. Then you pick your hero (wizard, druid, thief, barbarian, etc.), each game comes with different heroes and monsters depending on the theme. You roll a lego die to move around and to see if you win against the monster, get through a magic door, or find something good in a treasure box. Different heroes have different special skills which are activated by rolling the die. My kids played and started adapting the rules right away to make it more their own. I am not a big RPG player so this is perfect for us, at this level, but the kids really liked the fantasy and monsters part of this and I think other geeky parents would like to share this with their kids too.

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dinosaur forever? [12 Jan 2012|08:31pm]

ever since my 3.5yo was about 2yo, he's referred to himself as a dinosaur. when he meets new people it's always....

"hi, i'm dinosaur, that's my mom!".

if i give him a compliment, he'll reply.....

"i'm not handsome, i'm dinosaur".

if he did something worthy of punishment, he tries to talk me out of it .......

"i'm not bad, dinosaur was bad".

hey kid, what are you doing?

"dinosaur is playing with blocks!"

he does pretend to be other animals sometimes and is getting really good make-belive kind of games, but when exactly do little boys stop being dinosaurs? 
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Custom 1" buttons for bands/businesses/etc... 10% off for LJ users [12 Jan 2012|11:12am]

I make custom 1" buttons for websites, events, bands, weddings, businesses, etc... They are great for gifts and low cost promotional items.

Being a longtime Livejournal user myself (11 years and counting!), I wanted to give something back to the community. Enter "LJDEAL" at checkout and you'll get 10% off your entire order.

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1980's Christmas Saturday Morning [09 Dec 2011|08:17am]


If you miss 1980's Saturday Morning cartoons and the entire Saturday Morning Experience, there's a special invitation for you under the cutCollapse )
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