warren j. dew (psychohist) wrote in geekparents,
warren j. dew

Little gamer

Early this year, when Margaret was still three, on one of those nights when Margaret was up later than my wife Elizabeth, I taught her the game of Fox and Hounds. At the time, I had to point out the legal options on every move, and often had to move for her. I also had to go out of my way to make blunders to give her a chance to win.

Yesterday, after not playing with her for a while, I played five games with her. I started out playing sloppily, and she won easily. Then I started paying attention - and she still won! Finally, when I really concentrated, I won a game, and then I eased off for the last game to keep it a good experience for her. Elizabeth reports that Margaret has also been willing to switch sides and take the hounds - she usually prefers the fox - when playing with her two year old brother Duncan.

It looks like we have another gamer in the family. Next step: get hamaguri go stones and introduce her to a game where computers are not yet as good as humans.
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