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Download my son's first android game please!

Hey all,

Our 8th grader just published his first game on the google play store. Would you all download it so he he gets some positive reinforcement for his hard work? Even if you just download and then uninstall it shortly thereafter, that's helpful right now because the higher his "X+ downloads" number on the play store (or his "g+1" number), the more likelihood of it being found and downloaded by someone who might actually *want* to play it. So he needs to get enough downloads that he can start attracting downloads! :)

Flightless Dragon

Especially because the play store groups downloads. So any number of downloads between 11-50 shows as "10+" ... even if it is 49!

It's pretty much a straight up "flappy bird" mock, so it's that genre of game. Personally, I find those kinds of games immensely frustrating and therefore not very fun, but this one has a bonus feature that others in the genre don't and that is the ability to get rid of the walls with fireballs. Upgrades to come include walls of fire, invulnerability shields of fire, and I don't know what all.

So you can play it too, if you want. It's really actually grown on me because the child has it intentionally set at sort of a serene speed so that it's easier for the casual gamer.

And when he was making a features list while developing the game, he was all over the leaderboard being vital. And I was all "whatever" about a leaderboard. But now I check that stupid leaderboard and find it so irritating that my brother-in-law knocked me out of 3rd place that I have actually played the game more than I otherwise would have, just to try and knock him out of that spot.

Oh child, way to accurately predict the petty competitiveness of the casual gaming mind! Or at least mine!

And if you want to play and click the ads, feel free! Clicking the ads is the only way the child makes any money on the game, unless people make in-game purchases (WHICH ARE A BARGAIN, i might add, because you get to keep the fireballs you buy FOREVER). But, the child didn't want to ruin people's game play by having ads clutter up the game, so they only pop up on the top of the screen when you die. When you click on them, they open a new window to whatever website the ad is for. It doesn't matter if you just then immediately close that window, the child still gets paid for you having clicked.

But mostly I'm only asking that you downloaded it. Free game and only a small bit of bandwidth. But it would mean so much to him.

Goes without saying that I am super proud of him. He worked very hard at his dad's side learning what it took to do all this (husband is a long time programmer) and he was in charge of all stages of the design on his own, on top of keeping up with his homework, etc. I'd just like to see him hit 100 downloads, you know? For his pride's sake.

Not yet available for iOS because apple makes it more expensive to develop for them. He needs to earn the per year developer fee first! :)

Thanks in advance!

x-posted a few other communities so apologies if you are seeing this more than once.
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